6 Awesome Quirky Gifting Ideas for Diwali 2020

Diwali Gifting Ideas

Diwali is a joyous festival. We accept the ancient story in which good triumphs over evil and lavishly celebrates. But, unlike last year, this year’s Diwali appears to be distinct from everything else going on around us.
Gifts have the power to put a smile on anyone’s face. Buy ruminative and functional diwali gifts to cheer up your family and friends. We’ve compiled a list of Diwali gifting ideas for your family and friends.

1. Redecorate your Drawing Room space:

We’ve been confined to our homes for a long time, and as a result, we’re sick of the monotony. Bring out your inner designer and redecorate your living room. The living room is an important part of your home because it is where you spend the majority of your time with your family. Add a slew of brightly colored cushions to liven things up. Add some eye-catching wall art and rugs to create the ideal ambiance. Last but not least, turn on some handmade diyas to brighten the space.

Diwali gifting ideas

2. Serve food with style:

Because Diwali is all about sharing, the idea of sharing meals with family and friends is a wonderful thing to do. It’s not every day that you invite them to your home and prepare a home-cooked meal for everyone. Add some designer coasters to your dining table to make the meal even more appealing than it already is!

diwali gift ideas

3. Upgrade your wardrobe this Diwali:

Tired of wearing the same outfits over and over? Purchase some unique and cool tops to spice up your Diwali look! Also, buying new clothes does not necessitate the disposal of old ones. Donate these clothes to someone in need in the spirit of the festival. This way, you can celebrate the festival in a unique way!

diwali gift hampers

4. Perfect Gifts for the Stationary Geeks:

Using notebooks with uninteresting covers? Not any longer. Make use of eye-catching designer notebooks to jot down your ideas. Wiro Notebooks are exciting and simple to use. You can give this to someone who enjoys collecting stationary to help fuel their creativity.

Wiro Notebooks

5. Protect your loved ones at all costs!

It is essential to wear a face mask at all times. Then why not add some handmade designer face masks to the look? Fatfatiya offers three layered cotton masks that are both breathable and funky. This would make an excellent gift for all of your relatives!

diwali gifts for employees

5. Bags as gifts? Why not!

Give a style bag that corresponds to your mood. A sling bag would be an excellent accessory for a lovely sunny brunch or a nice, funky laptop bag to brag about at work. Utility pouches can also help you stay more organized at home.

designer handbag women

With these diwali gifting ideas, you sure can buy memorable gifts for anyone. So, don’t waste much time and buy these right away! here.

5 Unique Gifting Ideas for Raksha Bandhan

rakhi gifts

What comes to your mind when we talk about Rakshabandhan? The eternal love between you and your sibling? Or the times when you fought like crazy cats but still had each other’s backs? There may be several stories as to when we started celebrating Rakshabandhan. Still, the value behind why we celebrate it remains the same. This festival is around the corner, and we cannot wait to give you some Unique Rakhi Gifting Ideas. Why thoughtful, you may ask? These gifts are practical, unique, and made in India, with love. 

1. Office Ready Gifts:

Buy gifts for your sister, which she can use for her daily office routine. You can gift her handmade faux-leather laptop bag with amazing designs that will not only look fashionable but also automatically add color in her personality. You can also gift a mouse pad along with this laptop bag, which will serve as a perfect and trendy combination.

Unique Rakhi Gifting Ideas

2. Fuel their Artsy Soul:

Is your sibling an art freak? Add a touch of glamour into their homes by gifting them these exquisite wall arts. These are timeless things that will become a part of their lives in some way, and they would totally enjoy its presence on their walls. They will tend to evoke emotions and act as a reminisce of your bond. They are Eco-friendly and you can treasure them for life!


3. Buy Clothes & Accessories for your Fashion-Forward Sibling:

Buying clothes and accessories can be daunting at times. But, it is always great to get a wardrobe upgrade. Make gifting fun by buying tops that can be worn in so many ways. This will let your sibling experiment with fashion while sticking to the basics.

best gift for raksha bandhan

You can also purchase handbags, sling bags, and pouches for your sister, who continually keeps losing her money. These will serve as an attractive addition to her outfits.

4. Gift them comfort, even when you are far away:

After having a long, tiring day, what is it that you crave for the most? You wish to have a comfortable bed where you can rest and recharge yourself mentally as well as physically for the next day. So what, if you are far away and cannot meet your siblings? Send them a token of care and comfort, some soft designer bedspreads, and fluffy cushions. This could be one of the best gifts that are practical yet amazing!

Unique Rakhi Gifting Ideas

5. To Flair is to Care

This year, small gifts can make the most significant gestures. We all are going through trying times, and we must care for our siblings in the right way. Gift them fashionable protective masks, which prevents them from coming in contact with something contagious and adds a pinch of style on their outfit.

rakhi set online

It is often said that pure love is the best gift you can give to your sister/brother. Then why buy something materialistic for them? Purchasing something that they see every day or probably use every day, will remind them of your unbreakable bond and yet serve a purpose. Buying something that is usable and has some sentimental value can make your sibling feel special and happy at the same time.

It’s okay if you are far apart. Show your love by ordering something Unique Rakhi Gifting Ideas for your siblings here.